Marshall Childs

FundaVision Inc, is a company using technology for funding small business in a belief that there is no lack of money in his world. We provide low risk solutions to sustainable technologies globally.

We are continuously involved in growing companies by

  • Empowering,
  • Motivating, and creating
  • Breakthrough Performance.

Companies Financed

We are looking for companies that want to become profitable in the first year, create salaries, reach a million in year one. All without VC, Angel or Crowd Funding money.


We are looking for private investors who will accept one percent ownership, who expect one investment to create profits and returns in year two. And are expecting reasonable return with without the risk of failure.


At FundAVision, we believe in delivering on our promise: to make your business valuable and successful. This B to B partnership starts from the inception of that business concept all the way to the first fruits of the undertaking. We go all, the way holding your hand through those first uncertain steps and turn your business idea into a flourishing enterprise with that competitive edge in no time. Our secret: Our highly skilled team of experts and specialists that has proven to be effective time and time again in offering great advice that aids in planning and strategizing to get and make money fast with predictive financials while also improving the business standing in the market.

Finding the right partners/Ventures

FundAVision is a platform that links your business to that missing connection; be it finances or human capital, finding the right developers, manufacturers or partners: you name it, we've got it all covered. Our team also partakes in market research to keep abreast of all emerging trends and offer up-to-date support to all our clients, making us the best bet by far.

Join Us

To access the latest in-depth market analytics and data regarding the position you business holds in the current market polls and research, feel free to create an account and join our movement. All you have to do is to fill in the registration form at the beginning and offer us your phone and your e-mail. Upon completion of the process, you can apply into our free service.

FundaVision (FV) is a preeminent non-conventional business incubator program for helping small businesses become profitable in their first year. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, FundaVision aims to end world poverty by nurturing millions of entrepreneurs over the world in starting and running profitable businesses that contributes back to the community and develops societies.