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Starting Your Business

Inspired to start your own business? Find out the critical steps to avoid pitfalls and create a successful enterprise.
Start Your Own Business


Are you thinking that the best way to get funding is Venture Capital, Angel or Crowd Funders? Find out what you are missing and what the other 98% of funded companies already know!
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Most companies starting out run short on cash or fail because of focusing on the wrong things in the wrong order. Learn the steps to making a profit in 3 months.
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About Us

We are in the business of creating value for the small businesses of the the world. Our success will be measured by sustainable, contribution to the environment, education, capital, and equipment. We have an interest in individuals, families, and children. Our company seeks to nourish the development in the world of business and the entrepreneurial spirit.

We are continuously involved in growing companies by
  • Empowering,
  • Motivating, and creating
  • Breakthrough Performance

Companies Financed We are looking for companies that want to become profitable in the first year, create salaries, reach a million in year one. All without VC, Angel or Crowd Funding money.

Investors We are looking for private investors who will accept one percent ownership, who expect one investment to create profits and returns in year two. And are expecting reasonable return with without the risk of failure.


By Helping You Fill In Your Gaps

  • Incorporation
  • Branded Website
  • Social Media Setup
  • Business Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • How to communicate your value
  • Presenting and Getting Money
  • Vision Coaching
  • Connecting with Co-Founders
  • How to close a sale
  • Best Funding Options
  • Connecting with Investors
  • Investor Term Sheets
  • Successful Pitching
Marketing & Sales
  • Market Validation
  • Sales Strategy
  • Selling to Customers

Our Team

Marshall Childs : CEO : Funding Visionary

Marshall Childs

Over a billion dollars, in funding of companies, contributing to financing, strategic growth, and success of small businesses for over 30 years, Marshall Childs has experience and expertise in building companies. He shares how to optimize company value and growth with minimal money at low rates and will guide and advise on how to reach their first millions.

William Fok : CMO : Remarkable Solutions Expert

William Fok

Throughout my career, I have always been passionate about clients: leading them, teaching them, challenging them, and showing them better ways all while immersing myself in their business, putting myself in their shoes, embracing their culture and understanding their processes. I approach every day and every interaction with energy and enthusiasm and a willingness to work hard. I have a diverse background in sales, account management, project management, solutions consulting, sales management, sales training and business analyst. I am a student of sales and have the great respect for the profession. I also am willing to share what I have learned with others.

Jeffrey Blake : CTO : Web and Social Strategy

Jeffrey Blake

A versatile web and social media strategist who is skilled at simplifying, communicating and solving complex technical issues. He is an experienced software architect who has a relentless focus on business strategy and the ability to synthesize and communicate the best technical solutions to both management and engineering.