Achieve Fearless Growth and Live Mindfully

by Marshall Childs

Posted on Friday Sep 22, 2017 at 10:00AM in Finance

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How can your business become more agile? Amanda Setili, president of Setili & Associates and author of Fearless Growth, offers seven strategies to courageously adapt to market changes. Then, we get a lesson in mindfulness and living with intention from the founder and president of Nation Leadership and author of Made for Amazing, Mark Nation. Learn how you can optimize your thinking, communicate more effectively and spur rapid growth.

Large companies appreciate working with small businesses and entrepreneurs because they are nimble and can quickly adjust to the varying market climate. Amanda Setili, president of Setili & Associates and author of Fearless Growth: The New Rules to Stay Competitive, Foster Innovation, and Dominate Your Markets, calls in from Reykjavik, Iceland to share seven rules to navigate and thrive in our modern economy.

Do you embrace uncertainty? Many companies languish in indecision when they should be vigilantly testing new ideas and collaborating with clients and outside partners. Setili explains the importance coming together to keep your business competitive. 

Creating a connected ecosystem comprised of customers, suppliers, content providers, partners and employees is a powerful way to drive success for your business. Setili teaches us how to keep productive conversation flowing to inspire thoughtful growth. Learn how you can engage your network for optimum innovation.

How can you fine tune your personal and professional life for success? Mark Nation is the founder and president of Nation Leadership and author of Made for Amazing: An Instrumental Journey of Authentic Leadership Transformation. Nation uses music as a metaphor to distinguish the subtle differences between self-help and self-discovery. 

What drives your life? Host Alan Taylor is acutely aware on his intuition, what he feels is a divine gift from God. Whatever guides and motivates you, all entrepreneurs can benefit from living with intention. Nation discusses how business leaders can hone in on their instincts, focus on their purpose and connect with others on a deeply human level.

There are many firms out there that can help you develop hard skills like supply chain management or balancing your books. Nation adamantly believes developing soft skills is an essential component of a becoming a balanced leader -- that doesn't mean it's an easy process. Learn how a combination of meditation and mindfulness can take your business to the next level.

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